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Carcassonne Cité

Crossing the pont-Levis into the Cité is a rare experience, a journey through time in the biggest fortress in Europe!

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Montolieu, book and arts village

Montolieu, Book & Arts Village, 20 minutes north-west of Carcassonne and 45 minutes from Toulouse, should be explored like you

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Gouffre-géant-de-Cabrespine à visiter pres de Carcassonne

Gouffre géant de Cabrespine

Gouffre Géant of Cabrespine

The Gouffre géant, or giant chasm, is located 25 km from Carcassonne, and dominates the small village of Cabrespine nestled

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The lac de Jouarres

An oasis in Minervois Located between Carcassonne and Narbonne, 10 km from the cité of Minerve and just 2 km

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Visite de la grotte de Limousis près de Carcassonne dans l'Aude

Grotte de Limousis

Enter a magical world! The grotte de Limousis cave is located 20 km north of Carcassonne, and is reached via

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The Cavayère lake

Welcome to 'Carcassonne plage'! A perfect place for families, just a five minute drive from the ramparts of the Cité

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Le Canal du Midi à Carcassonne et sa région

The canal du Midi

The other listed site in Carcassonne One thing you can do in Carcassonne, is visit two UNESCO World Heritage sites

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Corbières ®Yannick Douce

The landscape of your holidays

From the serenity of the canal du Midi to the green banks of the river Aude, from the cool mountain

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Grands Vins en Grand Carcassonne

The vineyard

Set off on the discovery of Greater Carcassonne and its wines. Explore new frontiers, across wild, untouched landscapes, and meet

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Abbaye de Villelongue

Abbey of Villelongue

Pure poetry Located 25 kms from Carcassonne, in Cathar Country, the abbey is nestled in the heart of a valley

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Abbey of Caunes Minervois

Red marble and Romanesque art The medieval village of Caunes-Minervois and its Romanesque abbey, 25 km from Carcassonne, give you

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Truffes - tuber melanosporum

The Black truffle museum and markets

The secrets of the Aude's black diamond At the heart of the mythical triangle, between Cabrespine, Trassanel and Villeneuve-Minervois: the

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Old man Traveler - Joe big big

®Klaus Neundorf

Mayronnes sculpture trail

 A naturally artistic walk 10 km from Lagrasse, recognised as on of the 'Most beautiful villages in France' with its

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The Coopérative – Cérès Franco Museum

Closed for extension works untill 2024 An extraordinary woman and works This former wine cave, transformed into an extraordinary art

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Cassoulet, is a celebration for the senses. An unrivalled aroma wafts in the air. Duck thighs and pieces of mutton

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