Unusual villages, experiences out of the ordinary

Day 1: Wine, marble & châteaux


20 minutes due north of Carcassonne, you find the four châteaux de Lastours: Cabaret, Tour Régine, Surdespine and Quertineux. These can be viewed from the Belvedere, which has a panoramic view, or you can walk to the towers on the footpath which goes from the former textile factory.

Caunes-Minervois, a further 20 km away, is the capital of red marble. On the history circuit in the centre of one of the prettiest villages in the region, you will see the Abbaye romane, Romanesque abbey, the carrières de marbre, marble quarries and the écomusée, ecomuseum which traces the history of this famous red marble.


Discover our region and all its riches with Magical Tours. You can choose a half or full-day to explore the area with a guide perhaps on a wine tour, a tasting tour or a heritage tour!

Châteaux de Lastours

Caunes, place de la république ®les-brunettes

Caunes-Minervois ®anais vives

20 km – €52 average budget per person, not including meals

Day 2: A medieval experience


Within the Cité, the Centre d’Histoire Vivante Médiévale runs educational and cultural Middle Ages workshops, follow the knight through the Cité on an interactive visit.

To really get your fill of the Middle Ages, visit the Musée de la Chevalerie in Villesèquelande . View the different weapons, armour and objects which reveal so much about this period of history.


Go on a horse ride at the Domaine de Fraisse in Leuc, a real playground for discovery and adventure in the great outdoors. You could stay on until evening to enjoy a meal in the La Centaurée restaurant, which serves organic, natural and local food!

Musée de Villesèquelande

Le chemin des sens à Leuc, Domaine de Fraisse

35 km – €33.50 average budget per person, not including meals

Day 3: In Cabardès, the book village & a classic château


Amazement guaranteed at the Château de Pennautier. During your visit to this 17th century historical monument, enjoy a unique visit to the gardens, the Château and the King's bedroom.
Wine tastings are available in the la Cave du Château and you can dine in the la Table du Château.


Go and discover the Books and Arts village: Montolieu, 20 minutes from Carcassonne! Stroll along the narrow village streets to discover bookshops, second-hand booksellers and art galleries. To make your visit complete, don't miss the Musée des Arts et Métiers du livre, where you can find out about the history of writing.
You may also be able to participate in a workshop in graphic arts or bookmaking, led by craftsmen and women.

Le château de Pennautier

"L'envol" ®trishadixonburkitt

Montolieu, rue de la mairie

25 km – €14 average budget, not including meals

Caunes Minervois joli village près de Carcassonne

Caunes Minervois

Famed for its red marble, used in the château de Versailles, the Louvre and the


With family

Whether you want to become a knight, look after animals, search for treasure or make


The Coopérative – Cérès Franco Museum

Closed for extension works untill 2024 An extraordinary woman and works This former wine cave,