Here you can find you perfect accommodation for your holiday in and around Carcassonne
Choose from a hotel in town or a bed and breakfast in a village for a few nights, a campsite, a holiday cottage or rental property for a week or more, in a vineyard or in the middle of the countryside.... something out of the ordinary, for all budgets and all desires!


Choosing your accommodation

Whether you're only staying in Greater Carcassonne for a weekend, or whether you're spending a



Find and book your hotel in Carcassonne and the surrounding area - Caunes-Minervois, Trèbes, Aragon,


Bed and breakfasts

Search through all the rooms in owners' homes, renovated with taste and care, in the

Camping près de carcassonne


From a 5* campsite with swimming pool and entertainment to the quiet, little municipal campsite...


Holiday rentals

Imagine yourself in the sunshine, enjoying your beautiful holiday home, surrounded by vines. Walking to


Incredible nights

Imagine a comfortable open air bed, a breakfast on a tree-top Treehouse or bubble, yourts


In a vineyard

Dormir dans un domaine viticole, partager avec vos hôtes vignerons, déguster le vin local et

Away from it all

Our selection of accomodations far from it all