The Office de Tourisme Grand Carcassonne, or Greater Carcassonne Tourist Information Office, is a community structure, serving 82 towns and villages and over 1000 partners

- A steering committee, made up of elected individuals and tourism professionals
- A team of 9 permanent staff, 6 languages spoken
- A contact: for service providers, institutional partners, project leaders, and the national, regional and départemental Tourist Information Offices

Our Missions

  •  Collect, sort and prioritise tourist information with the Tourinsoft computer program
  •  Welcome in person, on the phone, in writing and virtually
  • Facilitate holidays and to distribute the tourist offer, mainly via the internet
  • Business intermediary for tourism professionals by regularly directing clients to them
  • Unite and support the professionals around a regional identity
  • Ensure that regional/destination tourism is promoted on the internet, at shows, at press events (in partnership with the ADT, Agency for Touristic Development)
  • Add value to the destination and the regional offer with the publication of brochures, newsletters, pamphlets
  • Develop strategies on social media
  • Track the e-reputation of the destination
  •  Offer a programme of guided tours
  • Develop a shop to promote local produce
  • Manage ticket sales for visitors and the local population

Our commitments

Quality is above all a state of mind !

The Tourist Office Grand Carcassonne is committed to the quality approach to obtain the Tourism Quality Mark , to improve its services and services and make your experience in Grand Carcassonne a unique moment.

This commitment includes:

  • A warm welcome
  • Attentive staff
  • Fluency in foreign languages
  • Personalized services
  • Clear and accurate information
  • Cleanliness and comfort guaranteed
  • The discovery of a destination
  • Taking into account the opinion of customers (through the systematic analysis of satisfaction surveys and claims). 

    Because your satisfaction is our priority !

    The Grand Carcassonne Tourist Office, classified category II, belonging to the network of Tourist Offices of France, undertakes to:

  • Provide you with an easily accessible welcome area and information area.
  • Facilitate your steps.
  • Offer you furniture to sit.
  • Inform you free of charge about the local tourist offer.
  • Offer you free access to wifi.
  • Post and broadcast opening periods in at least two foreign languages.
  • Be open at least 240 days a year Saturday and Sunday included in tourist or entertainment period.
  • Respond all year to your mail.
  • Provide a permanent reception service for staff practicing at least two foreign languages.
  • Ensure the provision of tourist maps, maps and tourist guides on paper.
  • Give you access to its trilingual website.
  • Disseminate its tourist information also on paper translated at least in two foreign languages:
    all tourist accommodation classified with at least the name of the establishment, the postal address, the e-mail address, the address of the website, the telephone contact details, the the ranking levelcultural, natural or leisure monuments and tourist sites that may include the indication of usage rates, periods and opening hours to the public, the website and telephone and postal contact details;
    events and events;
    emergency telephone numbers.
  • Update its tourist information annually
  • Post emergency phone numbers outside.
  • Present the entire qualified offer of its area of intervention for all customers.
  • Process your complaints and measure your satisfaction.
  • Respect a quality approach.
  • Provide you with a stay advisor.
  • Guarantee the reliability and timeliness of information on the local tourist offer.
  • Ensure the classification of furnished tourism in our area of intervention.

    Your opinion is important for us!

    You stayed in Grand Carcassonne ? As part of our quality approach, we are committed to improving the quality of our services by taking into account your opinion on our territory, our services, our providers.

Give us your opinion !

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Do you have a complaint to submit ?

As part of our quality policy, we provide you with a complaint form. Please do