Larger than life

A holiday in Greater Carcassonne isn't complete without exploring the wild countryside, fashioned over centuries by the wine growers.

From the peaks of the Montagne Noire or Alaric, from the hillsides of Minervois or Cabardès, from the Canal du Midi tow path, via the banks of the river Aude, all these landscapes invite you to discover a wild and beautiful nature.


Our best bits

  • Walking on the steep paths on Montagne d'Alaric at the edge of Carcassonne for a marvellous view of the Pyrenees and the Corbières wines from a belvedere.
  • Cooling down on one of the many paths on the montagne Noire, in the shade of the pine trees, around a lake (Lampy, Laprade...), or along the Pierre-Paul Riquet's beloved waterway
  • Galloping, like an explorer on a ride on the rolling hills of the Val de Dagne, or the Minervois, or on the peaks of the Montagne Noire.
  • Pedalling along the Montagne Noire trails, climbing to the pic de Nore, like a rider in the Tour de France, riding along the peaceful tow path of the Canal du Midi or, if you like mountain biking, having fun on the more athletic circuits from Aragon. Discover quad-biking with our family, near Arzens, on a trip to Malepère.
  • Sailing with your family or friends, or canoeing, kayaking or rafting on the river Aude for guaranteed thrills.
  • Experiencing an underground world on a safari in the Gouffre de Cabrespine.
  • Fishing surrounded by unspoilt mountains, on the side of a lake, or on the banks of a river.
  • Pushing your limits as you climb the walls with a natural relief at Notre-Dame-du-Cros, Caunes Minervois.
  • Playing in the lac de la Cavayère in Carcassonne, where you can enjoy water sports in an exceptional setting. Giant slides, water-ski ropeway, treetop walking, and a zip wire over the lake... Thrills and a chance to cool down are on the menu.

Corbières ®Yannick Douce

The landscape of your holidays

From the serenity of the canal du Midi to the green banks of the river Aude, from the cool mountain air of the Montagne Noire to the gentle slopes of the Val de Dagne via the sun-soaked vines of Minervois… Greater Carcassonne is the Midi with a thousand faces, in atmospheres that change in just a few kilometres, ready to

Discover our landscapes

Artistic and sports trails

The Carcassonne region is perfect for walkers, whatever the level, with 77 marked trails criss-crossing the area. On these walks, you can discover the 'capitelles' (small stone cabins), dolmens, and stunning views of the Pyrénées, the Montagne Noire and the Montagne d'Alaric.



Here, culture blends with nature. Sculptures surround the Mayronnes trail (Val de Dagne), and the poetry of Joseph Delteil will accompany you along the eponymous trail in Villar-en-Val.
The Vines trail in Aragon and the monumental, marble sculptures on the trail in Caunes-Minervois, put the accent on a natural and artistic heritage.

A playground for cyclists

Whatever your style of cycling (MTB, road, quadbike, electric bikes...) you'll find somewhere to ride in Greater Carcassonne that's just right for you. The roads in Greater Carcassonne, like in the majority of the Aude département, are not very busy and run through varied landscapes, from flat routes to peaks worthy of the Tour de France, like the pic de Nore (1211 mètres), also known as the 'Little Ventoux'.


Quad bike

The small village of Aragon, in the heights above Carcassonne is home to one of the largest MTB clubs in France, ATAC, which offers circuits which vary in distance and difficulty. Many cyclists organise a 'road trip', along the Canal du Midi, with a stop-off in Carcassonne.
Here, the petite reine (little queen), as bikes are known in France, really is worthy of its name.

Lakes & rivers

The Big Blue of the Mediterranean is not far away, but here, there's no need to drive miles to take a refreshing dip or to enjoy a spot of fishing.

® Domaine de Palatz

Landscaped lakes have a wide range of activities on offer, notably at the Jouarres and the Cavayère lakes

In the heart of the forests of the montagne Noire, you will appreciate the beauty and the calm of the Lampy. The waters of the river Aude are a formidable setting for board sports, or canoe or rafting trips down the Aude. If you enjoy fishing, with the white water, rivers and lakes, there's something for everyone.

The freedom of Greater Carcassonne on horseback

What can be more exhilarating than exploring the natural areas of Greater Carcassonne, the Montagne Noir, Minervois, and the Carcassonne or Cabardès vineyards, at a canter on a family ride.

The various equestrian centres and pony clubs, located throughout the region, give you the opportunity of enjoying one of the most natural and entertaining ways to discover the beautiful landscapes.

Domaine de Fraisse

Domaine Calmel & Joseph

A celebration of thrills

Do you want to go fast? Are you looking for adventure, thrills or shivers? You can choose from the wide range of activities on offer for an experience that's out of the ordinary, in an exceptional setting, such as the underground safari in the Gouffre de Cabrespine.
Open to all, you descend into a 25 km network of caves, for a 5 hour speleological experience. If you prefer to go up, rather than down, try the more athletic treetop walking at the lac de la Cavayère (with zip-wires above the lake!) or the climbing walls near Caunes-Minervois. In Lézignan, at the Fly Zone, there's a free fall simulator!

During your holidays, you can also try the amazing quadbiking in Malepère or beginners' moto trial in the Mediterranean setting of the Val de Dagne at Pradelles-en-Val.

Escalade à Caunes-Minervois

®Michel Rodriguez




he Carcassonne region is perfect for walkers and hikers, whatever their level, with numerous signposted


Cycling & mountain biking

Discovering the 'little France' on two wheels Aude and Greater Carcassonne provide a magnificent playground