The secrets of the Aude's black diamond

At the heart of the mythical triangle, between Cabrespine, Trassanel and Villeneuve-Minervois: the maison de la truffe (20 km from Carcassonne) features an informative and interactive museum, where you can discover the secrets of this precious mushroom, the jewel of local gastronomy!

Here, the truffle knows how to make itself desirable, and then enjoyed in one of our many good restaurants.

At the maison de la truffe

  • First of all, you learn!
    Embark on a dynamic and informative visit, designed to reveal the history, growth, harvest, marketing and the use of the truffle in gastronomic cooking. Your search for black gold continues through various, cleverly staged rooms. All your senses are awakened because of the audio guide, sniffing post, slideshows and even the virtual book, with audio guide. A visit lasts 1 hour
  • And you have fun...
    Children can explore the museum with the illustrated quiz and Truffet, their little truffle-shaped friend!
  • And then you taste...
    It's time to taste this precious food. Visit the shop, where you can purchase such delights as truffle caviar or risotto, truffle olive oil and coarse salt, or perhaps onion confit or Muscat confit... The shop also has a selection of Minervois wines and souvenirs, such as knifes, stationery, pens, postcards, etc.
    Drinks and ice-creams are served on a shady terrace

Je vous la recommande fortement ! Super visite  avec audioguide pour les étrangers et super pour les enfants , on en apprend beaucoup et à la fin on peut acheter des truffes noires ou des truffes d'été blanches. Quel parfum et surtout quel régal plus tard

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Practical information

32 avenue du Jeu de Mail 11160 Villeneuve-Minervois
+33 (0) 4 68 72 35 47
Free parking and mobile home park nearby.
Opening hours
November, December, January, February and March:
Monday to Saturday 10:00am - 12 noon and 2:00pm - 6:00pm.
July and August: every day 10:00am - 1:00pm and 2:00pm - 7:00pm
April, May, June, September and October: every day 10:00am - 12 noon and 2:00pm - 7:00pm.
Tariff: adults €5 / children over the age of 10 €3 / Groups €4


Local producers, festivals, restaurants, and visits to do with Truffles in Cathar Country

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Aude, the other truffle country

Truffle culture, which had been secret and mysterious for many years, has become a real star in the last decade or so in the Aude.

Over the past few years, many Michelin starred chefs, food lovers and tourists have shown a keen interest in the black diamond. And this has sparked events such as truffle markets, between December and February, and the Ampélofolies in Moussoulens.
The Maison de la Truffe and the truffle estates are also showcasing this exceptional ingredient. Its rarity doesn't mean it can't be found.

In the Greater Carcassonne region, there are four exceptional areas: from the Cabardès to the Corbières and from Malepère to Minervois. The villages of Cabrespine, Moussoulens, Trausse and Villeneuve Minervois are truffle ambassadors.

Aude is able to grow three main varieties of truffle, which can be enjoyed fresh all year round.

  • The Tuber melanosporum, known as the back truffle or winter truffle. It is identified by its purplish black flesh, with white veins. It is the most expensive truffle after the Piedmont white truffle, costing, on average €1000 per kilo
  • The Tuber aestivum, known as the summer truffle, has large scales and a marbled beige flesh, with white veins.
  • The lesser known Tuber uncinatum, or autumn truffle, completes the rich offering at our markets.
What is a truffle?
 The black truffle is the result of a symbiosis between the underground threads of the truffle and micro-roots of certain trees (oak and hazel, but also hornbeam and lime). From this relationship mycorrhiza are created, half-mushroom, half-root.
Unlike other mushrooms, truffles take nearly a year to grow.
Here, they're harvested using a dog, trained since birth to identify the smell.
In Aude, we have 750 ha, which produces an annual harvest of 150 tonnes. This production is improving year on year, due to precise growing methods.

The festivities

A little bit of madness at the 'Ampélos' in Cabardès

Buy, taste, discover, play... The festive and gastronomic Ampélofolies in Moussoulens brings the area to life and showcases truffles and Cabardès wines.

A gun shot resonates around the pretty village of Moussoulens. The Ampélofoilies truffle market is open. There's a little bit of pushing, and an awful lot of laughter as people try to get just a few grams of the famous black diamond. An unvarnished spectacle, a market of local produce and lots of events...

The village comes to life in its narrow streets, with 80 stalls set up all over, where you can discover regional produce: honey, charcuterie, cheeses, pastries and Cabardès wines!

From 10:00am, the public can join in and learn all about the black diamond on one of the wine and truffle walks, or at a demonstration of truffle hunting with the dogs. Street shows bring a sparkle to Moussoulens and children can enjoy the various games and visit the mini-farm.

On course for 'Truffles and heritage'

Each year, the Los Trufaïres de Vilanova de Menerbès Brotherhood organises a 'Truffle and Heritage' day in one of the villages in the Aude's truffle Golden Triangle: Cabrespine, Villeneuve-Minervois or Trassanel.

Here, ceremony plays a key part and the festival begins with the benediction of the truffles and truffle trees by the Bishop of Carcassonne. There is a local produce market and cooking workshops, where you can learn good kitchen practice. The public is introduced to the valuable work of the dog during the 'cavage' demonstration, the traditional hunting method with dogs.

Nowadays, sport is also included with two trails, 10 km and 28 km, and a 10 km walk (morning) through the wild landscape. Each year, the funds raised from the 'Truffle and Heritage' day are given to the host village towards their heritage works.

Summertime at 'Truffes et Terroir'

The village of Roullens celebrates the summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) and the AOP Malepère in June. This tasty, yet little known, is put in the spotlight, together with the Malepère wines, at a local produce and craft market. The streets are filled with the sounds of jazz and bandas musical groups. It is a friendly, family event, with free games for children and exhibitions. A lovely opportunity to appreciate the Aude way of life in all its senses.

A totally Aude bar is open during the evening. 100% Aude!

Find out more about the Association des trufficulteurs audois

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Black truffle festivities


Black truffle festivities

The last of the season ! On course for 'Truffles and heritage' 10th of march in Cabrespine   [strateCTA size="largeCTA33" media=""/] [strateCTA size="largeCTA67" media=""/] Each

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The Black truffle museum and markets

The secrets of the Aude's black diamond At the heart of the mythical triangle, between


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The Black truffle museum and markets

The secrets of the Aude's black diamond At the heart of the mythical triangle, between