The last of the season !

On course for 'Truffles and heritage' 10th of march in Cabrespine


Each year, the Los Trufaïres de Vilanova de Menerbès Brotherhood organises a 'Truffle and Heritage' day in one of the villages in the Aude's truffle Golden Triangle: Cabrespine, Villeneuve-Minervois or Trassanel.

Here, ceremony plays a key part and the festival begins with the benediction of the truffles and truffle trees by the Bishop of Carcassonne. There is a local produce market and cooking workshops, where you can learn good kitchen practice. The public is introduced to the valuable work of the dog during the 'cavage' demonstration, the traditional hunting method with dogs.

Nowadays, sport is also included with two trails, 10 km and 28 km, and a 10 km walk (morning) through the wild landscape. Each year, the funds raised from the 'Truffle and Heritage' day are given to the host village towards their heritage works.


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