Let us give you some ideas of unusual activities to do near Carcassonne
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1. Walk on a glass footbridge or go zip-lining across a chasm

Cabrespine's Giant Abyss Skywalk

Cabrespine's Accro Cave ®SETSN Michel Randa

2. Marvel at the street art at a former factory in Montolieu and discover its art studios and unusual architecture

Street artists

3. Spend an unusual night in the trees or a lodge in the vineyards

Cabins in the woods at Villedubert

4. Feel like you're in Australia

Australian Park in Carcassonne

Feeding the animals

5. Wander along sculptural and artistic paths, see works of art in the middle of nature

Villar en Val Poetry Trail

Le Chemin des Sens

Sculptures at Caunes

Mayronnes Sculpture Trail

The Aiguille lock at Puicheric, on the Canal du Midi

6. Dream in the poetic garden of the romantic abbey of Villelongue

7. Make your own paper or your own flour

Paper Mill at Brousses and Villaret

Villeneuve Minervois Mill

8. Be amazed by the pink cliffs at the Caunes-Minervois royal marble quarries

9. Visit an art gallery in old wine vats

La marge COOP Art

Cérès Franco Museum

10. Standing stones and a Visigoth cemetery!

The Fairys Dolmen at Pépieux

Menhir at Malves

The Moural des Morts in Villarzel Cabardès