rue du parc 11800 BOUILHONNAC


THE CASTLE OF BOUILHONNAC: Dominating Bouilhonnac, the castle, former property of the monks of the abbey of Lagrasse, hosts the remains of the 15th century chapel classified historical monument.
It was at the end of the 15th century that the castle was built.
The ogives of the chapel and the coat of arms that can be seen above a door facing north-east bear witness this date.
It is the coat of arms of Pierre D'Abzac, Archbishop of Narbonne from 1494 to 1502.
The corners of this quadrilateral are occupied on one side by the chapel and on the other by a large round tower.
This includes an underground room separated from the ground floor by a vault pierced with a square orifice.
The wall facing north is the longest (29m), with a round tower in the middle.
The Gothic chapel has a length of 15.25 m and a width of 6 m. Its ogives are supported by lamp-cuts (a kind of pedestals) adorned by the coat of arms of the family of Lévis to which belonged the famous bishop of Mirepoix.