An exceptional moment of delight at the Château de Pennautier
The art of living and pleasure at the heart of one of the most beautiful vineyards in the region 

A stroll among vines and remarkable landscapes 

The sun is shining, the picnic is ready and you leave Carcassonne, heading for the Cabardès vineyard and its 'Sentier des vignes'.

10 minutes on the road and the views are breathtaking!
The vines cling to the sunny slopes of the Montagne Noir and stretch as far as the Pyrenees… roll on this evening to taste the wines from this exceptional land.

Domaine de Garille – direction Aragon ®Lorgeril


Setting off from the car park, information panels, insect hotels, and reptile shelters can be found on a 3 kilometre discovery trail. (link to plan).

Picnic and relaxation in the fresh greenery, en route for the château de Pennautier.

My local picnic basket
A campaillette baguette  + some pâté from Esquines + some 'Fajacou' goat's cheese + fruits from the Marseillette dry lake + Pennautier chocolates

 Château life in the Languedoc Versailles

 This pretty village is home to one of the most remarkable and grandiose buildings in the Carcassonne region.

® Glass of Bubbly

La chambre du roi - Château du XVIIème siècle, classé Monument Historique

You may have the chance to admire the period furniture, the mouldings and gilding on the ceilings in the company of Miren de Lorgeril, the châtelaine. Discover a place that is both prestigious and full of charm, which might even make you of marriage!

Focus on THE HISTORY of the château
Inspired by the Palace of Versailles, the château was built in 1620 by Bernard de Pennautier, treasurer of the Estates of Languedoc. He financed the construction of the Canal du Midi and the Royal Manufacture of woollen cloth in the Montagne Noire.
In 1622 King Louis XIII stayed there and gave the owner his travel furniture.

A romantic stroll in the grounds...

A delightful wander through remarkable gardens and a photo opportunity with the château as a backdrop.
Rare trees, boxwood lined paths, two-hundred year old pines and cedars… The 30 ha park opens directly onto vines, woods, horses… tranquilly.
A mixture of styles, the 'French' designed by le Nôtre and the 'English' in the 19th century, with its ruins and rockeries... a timeless place and moment!


Practical information 
  • The gardens can be visited independently and free of charge from 10:00am to 5:00pm (except Sundays, from October to April)
  • Total distance 1.7 km
  • Dogs admitted on a lead.
  • Guided visits of the château rooms on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 11:00am, from May to mid-September
  • Tariffs: adult: €9.00 child: €5.00 - Credit cards accepted

The culture of wine and of excellence

The time for tasting has arrived: meet Nicolas, the sommelier, in the château wine cellars, for a cheese and wine workshop.
As soon as you walk in, you will be impressed by the height of the building and the barrels stacked one of top of the other. The perfect atmosphere!

®Jack Chapman

The wines, with their natural elegance, showcase all the depth and flavour of the land and the vines in the Cabardès appellation.
Their names are evocative: 'Rêve' (Dream), 'Esprit' (Spirit), 'Marquis'…

Focus on the AOC Cabardès
Terroirs at altitude are good for vines, as the combined the Mediterranean warmth and the freshness of the mountains. The combination of Atlantic grape varieties (malbec, cabernet, merlot) with those of the Mediterranean (grenache, syrah)  produce the unique characteristics of the AOP.

The family history
From 1580, the family archives show records of vines and in 1701 Pennautier wines were served to the King's officers in Versailles. Nicolas de Lorgeril and his wife Miren, continue this 9 generation old search for excellence which now includes other Occitanie vineyards.

un des plus anciens châteaux viticoles de France, la maison Lorgeril se tourne aujourd’hui vers une quête d’excellence.











Perfect Food & Wine for a wonderful evening

A romantic dinner at La Table du Château. You will be warmly welcomed into this magnificent setting: a fire crackles in the grate, and the stones and wood are complemented by a velvety red décor. On the menu: homemade, Mediterranean flavours, elegance in the dishes and the excellence of the 'Grands' wines from the estate.

90% des avis mettent en avant un excellent rapport qualité/prix. En moyenne 28€ le menu










Côté boutique


A 10% reduction on wine in the 'cave du château’ if you dine in the restaurant.
A selection of over 30 wines and regional products.

The end of a perfect day which complements Carcassonne Cité beautifully!
Come back again for events organised throughout the year:

La chasse aux oeufs de pâques dans le parc du château

  • Easter egg hunt
  • Christmas market in the cellars
  • harvest dinner
  • picnics in white
  • piano concerts in the château
  • musical Thursdays at the château table...

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