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  Grands wines in Greater Carcassonne

Just like its landscapes, the Greater Carcassonne terroir shines with its diversity of appellations. Minervois, Corbières, Malepère, Cabardès, Languedoc... so many different ways to enjoy the land before you in a glass.

Behind each of these appellations is the discovery of a micro-territory, with its own flora and fauna, heritage and wine growers, men and women of the land, who want to share their culture of good living well and good drinking.

Set off on the discovery of Greater Carcassonne and its wines. Explore new frontiers, across wild, untouched landscapes, and meet the authentic, small scale wine growers.


®Château de Pennautier

Domaine Calmel & Joseph

The best bits

  • Tasting different wines, with a different accent, around Carcassonne: fruity, like a Minervois, full-bodied, like a Corbières or delicate, like a Cabardès or a Malepère.
  • Discovering the history of the estates, the landscapes and the land, as told by passionate vine growers.
  • Tasting local, gastronomic cuisine and local produce, accompanied by a wine specially selected for the dish.
  • Learning how to taste a good wine, to understand all its nuances and to be able to appreciate the flavours.
  • Setting off on a journey into the heart of the vineyards and countryside, on foot, on a bike or on a horse.

'Vignobles et découvertes', destination Grands wines in Greater Carcassonne

For those who venture out of Carcassonne and the Cité, the landscapes don't lie. This region has been marked by vines for centuries.

Vin elevé en amphores dans le gouffre geant de Cabrespine

Famille Crosmayrevieille Château d'Argères®E.Perrin

Although the reality and the product quality are not yet widely known, wine specialists and oenologists already know that wines from this region can rival more commonly recognised ones.

Those who enjoy wine and authenticity know of the large territories, such as Burgundy, Bordeaux and Alsace. Here they can find, and appreciate, the Great Carcassonne vineyard. By being awarded the national label 'Vignobles et découvertes', the Aude territory becomes a member of this big family, and can confirm that now, more than ever, it is a quality wine tourism destination.

Grand Carcassonne est désormais pleinement associé aux Grands vins grâce au label « Vignobles et découvertes » qui fait rentrer cette destination dans la cour des grands

® Chateau St Jacques d'Albas à Laure Minervois

Un label de Qualité

The 'Vignobles et découvertes' label, created in 2009 and awarded by Atout France, guarantees customers quality services and optimal holiday organisation. The destination now includes 70 partner providers in all domains: cellars, accommodation, activities...

Nos prestataires Vignobles & Découvertes

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