When the sky above Greater Carcassonne is ablaze

If Greater Carcassonne is full of stars in summer, its sky is also one of the most brightly lit in the south of France in July.

Featuring on televisions the world over, and with 500,000 people jostling in the Bastide, all eyes are focused on the famous Cité ablaze and the magnificent fireworks every 14th July.

Many of the villages in Greater Carcassonne have their own firework display to celebrate Bastille Day, either the day before or after.


Our best bits

  •   Being one of the crowd in the Bastide de Carcassonne on 14th July, enjoying the smell of summer on the banks of the river Aude and being amazed by the 30 minute firework display
  •  Preferring to get a view from a little higher, among the vines around the Cité for a rural and calm view of the emotional show


Fireworks and Carcassonne ablaze

When the cite is ablaze, it's a spectacle that is unique in the world Every

Le Canal du Midi à Carcassonne et sa région

The canal du Midi

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