Bluette Matthey, author of the Hardy Durkin Travel Mystery series ( and resident of Béziers, France, has written and published a travel guide/toilet navigator app for the Languedoc-Roussillon of South France, for people on the go who have to go!

Potty Poche takes you to stunning seaside towns in the Languedoc-Roussillon on the Seaside Trail, guides you through must-see locations on the Cathar Trail, celebrates happenings and fêtes on the Festival Trail, and wows you with charming small towns on France’s Most Beautiful Villages Trail.

We’ve also included our five favorite Market Towns in the region.  And our toilet navigator locates, describes, and rates all the public toilets in these locations, as well.  We’ve visited each locale and each toilet listed. Try our travel guide/toilet navigator app Potty Poche, available on Apple and Google.

For only €1.99 you can fearlessly venture forth in the fascinating Languedoc-Roussillon, armed with the knowledge and data of places to go when you are on the go.
A small price to pay for adventure and peace of mind, and a win-win for both of us!

We’ve established some suggested ground rules for exploring France
  • Always carry a bit of toilet paper with you.
  • Hand sanitizer is a good idea.
  • Don’t count on soap or towels.
  • Stop by the tourist office and check out the facilities.
  • Don’t assume there are toilets at gas stations.
  • The custom in France is: if you use the facilities in a café or restaurant you should order something.
  • Keep your sense of humor!

The toilet facilities are given an over-all ‘WC rating’, considering the amenity level.  The number of WC’s extends on a continuum from one WC to five + WC +, with five + being the absolute best.  A few facilities were rated ½ (.5) WC for obvious reasons, and some exceptional WCs got a 5+ WC rating.  We list the latitude/longitude coordinates for each location, and a comments section before the symbol display gives physical location and mentions anything of note about the facility.

Latitude/longitude (GPS) coordinates determine the placement of each facility.
And three more things: our hand-drawn maps are for your reference and can be enlarged facilities at Tourist Offices are for clients, only, and some facilities may be different since our visit so if you find a discrepancy between our rating and the actual condition please send us an e-mail at and let us know.

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In Aude, Occitanie Cathar Country

Carcassonne et sa Cité majestueuse sont le point de départ idéal pour partir à la