The book village... and its hidden treasures: a walk

In Montolieu, there's lots to see and do! There are unusual artistic spaces, heritage waiting to be discovered on a pleasant hike and even a cactus garden... but today we're going to take a walk around the village, as Montolieu is full of beautiful little corners that you just don't expect... keep your eyes peeled!!!!

My route


Bookshops on every street corner

One of the nice things is that each of the 16 bookshops is completely different. They're found in old village houses, wedged between the stones and the beams...
You can generally sit down to nose through a book, in a cosy atmosphere... it's a long way from the supermarket shelves.
And then, you find a little treasure! Everyone has their favourite topic, if you're looking for something in particular, ask the bookseller. If they can't help you themselves, they'll know someone who can, because they all share the same passion!

From surprise to wonder

Many artists have taken up residence here and art is even visible in the streets... between poetry and humour.
Search for the owls, the characters keeping an eye on you, letters used as a drainpipe, the colourful bird houses, books decorating a façade or taking flight towards the heavens, the free expression canvases and the pétanque bench… and the original 'cabinets'!

Flowers decorate the narrow streets and cats sleep there peacefully... you can feel the artist's soul and the gentle way of life in this village: inspirational and refreshing!

Magical, the little rue de l’Espérou opens up onto a small paved square with a dizzying view over the magnolias.
extract from an article in La Croix written by Ysis Percq

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Poterie de la bascule

L'eglise St André ®FranMcGuire

Montolieu, book and arts village

Montolieu, Book & Arts Village, 20 minutes north-west of Carcassonne and 45 minutes from Toulouse,


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