Wine, gastronomy, the art of living

One of the largest wine tourism events in the south of France


You are invited to the marriage of wine and gastronomy

The Minervois, this terroir where the lines of vines are spread over the gentle hillsides, where the sun and the wind shape the scrubland, looks like the work of a grand master to the visitor. For more than two millennia, wine has been watering this land and the people that cultivate it. And in Minervois, this delicious concoction is mainly red. Red like a kiss on the lips, red like a beating heart.

And, in 2015, in this terroir of life and passion, wine makers got together to create the Tastes en Minervois festival, one of the largest events in the Languedoc dedicated to wine and gastronomy. The 30th birthday of a young and dynamic AOP was celebrated there. In early September, the start of the grape harvest is also celebrated there.

The Tastes en Minervois festival is...

  • One hundred or so wine makers who lay their cards on the table as they invite you to taste their vintages. The majority of the wines are red. Most of them are powerful and robust, the young ones fruitier and the old, more complex.
  • The marriage of these wines and gastronomy. A royal union, where each year, great chefs take on the challenge of creating original cuisine.
  • A colourful gastronomy, based on fresh produce, such as Bize saffron, Oulibo tapenade or goat's cheeses... You can enjoy traditional cooking, or go on a journey with international recipes. And you can even eat on the go, with Street food.
  • 200 vintages in white, rosé and red, chosen to accompany the dishes prepared by the great chefs.
  • Sommeliers, bloggers and enlightened enthusiasts, who comment on the tastings and understand all the subtleties of these wines
  • Food for children. A day to be enjoyed with family or friends, so children have the opportunity to enjoy an 'adapted' menu, almost like the grown-ups' one. There's no burger and chips or fish fingers here!
  • The music which accompanies the festival. Each of the areas has a different atmosphere, because of the live music. There's also a concert in the evening.
A festival which respects the land and the planet
If Greater Carcassonne and Minervois are synonymous with a quality of life, unspoilt landscapes and healthy produce, it is down to respect for a certain approach. The festival has signed up to this philosophy. All the glasses used for water and fruit juice in the Espaces Fresh'Tastes are 100% recyclable. It's the same for the 'Tastes containers', chosen with the chefs. Made from recycled materials, these plates and other objects can be recycled in their turn. Finally, a recycling and waste management programme has been established. Sharing and enjoying good food and good wine should not be at the expense of the environment.