World music along the canal

Red, green, yellow and blue lanterns light up the century old plane trees and are reflected in the Canal du Midi. Swallows swoop over the heads of a colourful and joyful crowd, on this sweet, summer night.

Welcome to the Convivencia festival, which crosses Greater Carcassonne on the water, like a floating circus parade, with its emotions, vibrations, and dancing to the sounds of world music. Convivencia is, above all, the spirit of celebration and openness.

Each year since 1990, the association has been staging a dozen concerts between Toulouse and Montpellier.

Greater Carcassonne hosts many of the concerts in the villages which the Canal du Midi flows through: Villesèquelande, Trèbes and La Redorte


The Convivencia festival is...

  • Discovering the Canal du Midi from a different perspective, with concerts where the music invites you to travel
  • Being enriched by new sounds, created from the mixture of world music styles
  • Meeting, during the friendly, festive evenings, people of all sorts of ages, origins and personalities. There are as many local, Greater Carcassonne residents, as there are visitors from all over the world
  • Enjoying a concert by high-quality, professional artists. It's a great example of culture for all in the spirit of Convivencia
World music
The Convivencia association has been driven, for a number of years, by the desire to highlight the plurality and vivacity in world music. It promotes discovery, a blend of aesthetics and individual projects. It defends a high-quality, intimate artistic approach. Each year, the programme transports us from Cuba to Brazil, from Benin to Turkey, India or Mexico. We dance to a mixture of cumbia and reggae, to the coppery sounds of Arab-Andalusian music, or electro songs from Benin. A beautiful mix of sounds and culture which make Convivencia one of the artistic highlights in Greater Carcassonne.


A festival of sensations, surprises and emotions.

The canal by bike

What better way to discover the Canal du Midi and the numerous sites nearby, than

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When the sky above Greater Carcassonne is ablaze If Greater Carcassonne is full of stars