When the temperatures reach higher than 30°C, it is preferable to make the most of the mornings for cultural visits or sporting activities, and here are some ideas to help you cool off in the afternoon.

The Jouarres lake in Minervois and the Cavayère Lake in Carcassonne and their many activities... canoeing, paddleboarding, water inflatables!
Swimming pools in Carcassonne, Capendu and the Peyriac-Minervois acquatic centre.

Cavayère Lake

Jouarres Lake

Dip your feet in the streams of the Montagne Noire or the Val de Dagne...

The Brousses Paper Mill, a walk through the undergrowth then along the river to get to the mill.
The Rando des Ruisseaux (walks along the stream) in Castans
The lakes and Balades Fraîcheur (shady walks) in the Montagne Noire

In the Montagne Noire twisted root®

The Sentier des Ruisseaux (path along the streams)

Labastide en Val

In the caves: Grotte de Limousis and the Gouffre Géant de Cabrespine, it's 14°C all year round!



On the River Aude, go canoeing or rafting with Eaurizon Activités de Pleine Nature

Puichéric, Domaine de Palatz ®

Eat homemade ice-cream... La Belle Aude, delicious ice-cream made in Carcassonne and melon from Pezens or the Marseillette lake! You'll find these products at the grocer's: Epicerie des producteurs Bergé or on the various markets.

Cool off in our wine cellars!

Here, you'll find a list of our air-conditioned restaurants, or those with a patio

Here, you'll find a list of our accommodation with swimming pool